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AX.25 routing control program.

11 November 2003
AX25RTCTL(8) Linux Programmer's Manual AX25RTCTL(8)


ax25rtctl - AX.25 routing control program


ax25rtctl [options]


ax25rtctl is a program to control ax25rtd. There are several options: -a, --add ax25 <callsign> <dev> <time> [digipeater] Add an entry to the AX.25 routing table. If time is "0" this entry will be marked permanent, hence: the daemon will not overwrite this route. -d, --del ax25 <callsign> <dev> Remove an entry from the AX.25 routing table. -a, --add ip <ip> <dev> <time> <call> <ipmode> Add an entry to the IP routing table. If time is "0" the entry will be marked per‐ manent. -d, --del ip <ip> Remove an entry from the IP routing table. -l, --list ax25 Lists the content of the cache for the AX.25 routing table. -l, --list ip Lists the content of the cache for the IP routing table. -e, --expire <minutes> Removes the entries older than <minutes> from the caches and the kernel routing tables. -s, --save Saves the AX.25 and IP cache to /var/ax25/ax25rtd/ax25_routes and /var/ax25/ax25rtd/ip_routes (or the files specified in /etc/ax25/ax25rtd.conf). -r, --reload Reloads the config file /etc/ax25/ax25rtd.conf. This will *not* affect the caches or the heard list. -q, --shutdown Same as 'killall -TERM ax25rtd' ;-) -V, --version Prints version. Note that you can specify either the port name (as defined in /etc/ax25/axports) or the interface name (shown by ifconfig). If names conflict (i.e. port scc0 is in fact interface scc3, and vica versa), the interface name has precedence over the port name. Example: ax25rtctl --add ax25 dl0tha scc3 0 db0pra is equivalent to ax25rtctl --add ax25 dl0tha 9k6 0 dbpra All commands return port names in their output, though. With one exception: ax25_routes and ip_routes use interface names.




ax25rtd.conf(5), ax25rtd(8).


Joerg Reuter <> Llaus Kudielka OE1KIB
Linux 11 November 2003 AX25RTCTL(8)
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