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Interface between jw and its backends.

29 October 2012
BACKEND-SPEC(7)                                                                   BACKEND-SPEC(7)


backend-spec - interface between jw and its backends


jw(1) calls backends like backends/html to do the "real" conversion work. The backend gets all necessary data delivered via environment variables ready to use. This documentation describes those environment variables. The backend is run in the directory where the output files are to be created. It should return 0 if there weren't any problem, and return a positive value otherwise.


SGML_FILE_NAME The bare name of the source file SGML_FILE The full name and path of the source file SGML_JADE The name of the parser (usually Jade or OpenJade) SGML_ARGUMENTS The full argument-string for Jade or OpenJade SGML_CATALOG_FILES The list of catalog files needed by Jade or OpenJade SGML_STYLESHEET The style sheet to use SGML_BASE_DIR The base directory of the SGML system (default is /usr/share/sgml)


SEE ALSO frontend-spec(7)


Jochem Huhmann <>
29 October 2012 BACKEND-SPEC(7)
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