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Directory Server script for restoring a backup.

Mar 5, 2013
BAK2DB(8)                            System Manager's Manual                            BAK2DB(8)

NAME bak2db - Directory Server script for restoring a backup
SYNOPSIS bak2db archivedir [-Z serverID] [-n backendname] [-q] | [-h]
DESCRIPTION Restores the database from a archived backup. The Directory Server must be stopped prior to running this script.
OPTIONS A summary of options is included below: archivedir The directory of the archived database. -Z Server Identifier The server ID of the Directory Server instance. If there is only one instance on the system, this option can be skipped. -n Backend Name The name of the LDBM database to restore. Example: userRoot -q Quiet mode. Reduces output of task. -h Display the usage.
EXAMPLE bak2db /LDAP/backups/20130305/ -Z instance1 -n userRoot bak2db /LDAP/backups/20130305/ -n example
DIAGNOSTICS Exit status is zero if no errors occur. Errors result in a non-zero exit status and a diagnostic message being written to standard error.
AUTHOR bak2db was written by the 389 Project.
REPORTING BUGS Report bugs to
Mar 5, 2013 BAK2DB(8)