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A castle combat game.

BALLERBURG(6)                                                                       BALLERBURG(6)

NAME ballerburg - A castle combat game
SYNOPSIS ballerburg
DESCRIPTION Ballerburg is a castle combat game. Two players (which can be human or computer-con‐ trolled) try to destroy the opponent's castle with their cannons. There are two ways to win the game: Either by directly hitting the opponents king with a cannonball, or by destroying enough of the opponents commodities so that the king capitu‐ lates automatically.
COMMANDS Beside the intuitive control of the game with the mouse cursor, there are a couple of shortcut keys, too: ESC show the settings dialog f toggle fullscreen mode t show high-score table q quit Ballerburg
SEE ALSO The main program documentation, usually in /usr/share/doc/ballerburg. The homepage of Ballerburg SDL:
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