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Perform repository administration tasks.

April 06, 2014


bcfg2-admin - Perform repository administration tasks


bcfg2-admin [-C configfile] mode [mode args] [mode options]


bcfg2-admin is used to perform Bcfg2 repository administration.


-C configfile Specify alternate bcfg2.conf location. -E encoding Specify the encoding of config files. -Q path Specify the path to the server repository. -S server Manually specify the server location (as opposed to using the value in bcfg2.conf). This should be in the format "https://server:port" -d Enable debugging output. -h Print usage information. -o logfile Writes a log to the specified path. --ssl-key=key Specify the path to the SSL key. -v Enable verbose output. -x password Use 'password' for client communication.


backup Create an archive of the entire Bcfg2 repository. client action client [attribute=value] Add, edit, or remove clients entries in metadata (See CLIENT OPTIONS below). compare old new Compare two client configurations. Can be used to verify consistent behavior between releases. Determine differences between files or directories (See COMPARE OPTIONS below). dbshell Call the Django 'dbshell' command on the configured database. init Initialize a new repository (interactive). initreports Initialize the Reporting database. minestruct client [-f xml-file] [-g groups] Build structure entries based on client statistics extra entries (See MINESTRUCT OPTIONS below). perf Query server for performance data. pull client entry-type entry-name Install configuration information into repo based on client bad entries (See PULL OPTIONS below). purgereports Purge historic and expired data from the Reporting database reportssqlall Call the Django 'shell' command on the Reporting database. reportsstats Print Reporting database statistics. scrubreports Scrub the Reporting database for duplicate reasons and orphaned entries. shell Call the Django 'shell' command on the configured database. syncdb Sync the Django ORM with the configured database. tidy Remove unused files from repository. updatereports Apply database schema updates to the Reporting database. validatedb Call the Django 'validate' command on the configured database. viz [-H] [-b] [-k] [-o png-file] Create a graphviz diagram of client, group and bundle information (See VIZ OPTIONS below). xcmd Provides a XML-RPC Command Interface to the bcfg2-server. CLIENT OPTIONS mode One of the following. add Add a client del Delete a client list List all client entries client Specify the client's name. attribute=value Set attribute values when adding a new client. Allowed attributes are 'profile', 'uuid', 'password', 'location', 'secure, and 'address'. COMPARE OPTIONS -d N, --diff-lines N Show only N lines of a diff -c, --color Show colors even if not ryn from a TTY -q, --quiet Only show that entries differ, not how they differ old Specify the location of the old configuration(s). new Specify the location of the new configuration(s). MINESTRUCT OPTIONS client Client whose metadata is to be searched for extra entries. -g groups Hierarchy of groups in which to place the extra entries in. -f outputfile Specify the xml file in which to write the extra entries. PULL OPTIONS client Specify the name of the client to search for. entry type Specify the type of the entry to pull. entry name Specify the name of the entry to pull. VIZ OPTIONS -H, --includehosts Include hosts in diagram. -b, --includebundles Include bundles in diagram. -o outfile, --outfile outfile Write to outfile file instead of stdout. -k, --includekey Add a shape/color key. -c hostname, --only-client hostname Only show groups and bundles for the named client


bcfg2-info(8), bcfg2-server(8)
1.3 April 06, 2014 BCFG2-ADMIN(8)
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