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Manage user crontab submissions.

bcron-spool(8)                       System Manager's Manual                       bcron-spool(8)

NAME bcron-spool - Manage user crontab submissions
SYNOPSIS envuidgid $BCRON_USER unixserver -U /var/run/bcron-spool bcron-spool
DESCRIPTION bcron-spool manipulates the bcron spool on behalf of users. It accepts one of three com‐ mands: List an existing file, remove an existing file, copy given data into a new file. The name of the file in the spool directory is restricted to the username of the connect‐ ing process.
ENVIRONMENT BCRON_SPOOL The spool directory for bcron. Defaults to /var/spool/cron.
SEE ALSO bcron-sched(8), bcrontab(1)
AUTHOR Bruce Guenter <>
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bcron-spool(8) referred by bcrontab(1) | bcrontab(5)
refer to bcron-sched(8) | bcrontab(1)