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Bareos's 'Extract from tape'.

26 November 2009
BEXTRACT(8)                   Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced                  BEXTRACT(8)

NAME bextract - Bareos's 'Extract from tape'
SYNOPSIS bextract [options] bareos-archive-device-name output-directory
DESCRIPTION This manual page documents briefly the bextract command.
OPTIONS A summary of options is included below. -? Show version and usage of program. -b bootstrap Specify a bootstrap file. -c config Specify configuration file. -d nn Set debug level to nn. -dt Print timestamp in debug output. -e file Specify exclude list. -i file Specify include list. -p Proceed in spite of I/O errors. -v Set verbose mode. -V volume-name Specify volume names.
SEE ALSO bls(1), bextract(1).
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>.
Kern Sibbald 26 November 2009 BEXTRACT(8)
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