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The GNU Bombing utility.

Version 0.8.3
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NAME bombardier - the GNU Bombing utility
SYNOPSIS bombardier
DESCRIPTION bombardier is the GNU Bombing utility. This was one of my favourite games on Commodore Plus 4 when I was I child. Your task is to bomb down cities. This can be done with a 3 character wide airplane, which can drop 3 character tall bombs to the ugly # based houses. If you can bomb down all of the houses you can land with your plane, and in this case the challenge will continue on the next city. Good luck!
COMMANDS space - drops a bomb p - pauses the game q - quits from the game 1..9 - sets the speed of the game
FILES /var/games/bombardier/bdscore The shared best score file.
AUTHORS Gergely Risko <>
VERSION Version 0.8.3 released on 2009-10-10
BUGS Should be reported to Debian BTS,
Gergely Risko Version 0.8.3 BOMBARDIER(6)