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Broadway display server.

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NAME broadwayd - Broadway display server
SYNOPSIS broadwayd [--port PORT] [--address ADDRESS] [--unixsocket ADDRESS] [:DISPLAY]
DESCRIPTION broadwayd is a display server for the Broadway GDK backend. It allows multiple GTK+ applications to display their windows in the same web browser, by connecting to broadwayd. When using broadwayd, specify the display number to use, prefixed with a colon, similar to X. The default display number is 1. broadwayd :5 Then point your web browser at Start your applications like this: BROADWAY_DISPLAY=:5 gtk3-demo You can add password protection for your session by creating a file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/broadway.passwd or $HOME/.config/broadway.passwd with a crypt(3) style password hash. A simple way to generate it is with openssl: openssl passwd -1 > ~/.config/broadway.passwd
OPTIONS --port Use PORT as the HTTP port, instead of the default 8080 + (DISPLAY - 1). --address Use ADDRESS as the HTTP address, instead of the default --unixsocket Use ADDRESS as the unix domain socket address. This option overrides --address and --port. It is available only on Unix-like systems.
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