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Program for generating certificates for use with burp.

February 10, 2012
burp_ca(8) burp_ca burp_ca(8)


burp_ca - program for generating certificates for use with burp


burp_ca [options] A script for generating certificates for use with burp. This script comes with the burp backup and restore package, and was contributed by Patrick Koppen.


-h|--help show help -i|--init inititalize CA -k|--key generate new key -r|--request generate certificate sign request -s|--sign sign csr (use --ca <ca> and --name <name>) --batch do not prompt for anything --revoke <number> revoke certificate with serial number --crl generate certificate revoke list -d|--dir <dir> ca output dir (default: /etc/burp/CA) -c|--config config file (default: /etc/burp/CA.cnf) -n|--name name (default: builder) -D|--days valid days for certificate (default in config file) --ca_days valid days for CA certificate (default: 3650) -S|--size key size (default: 2048) -a|--ca ca name if different from name -f|--dhfile <path> generate a new dhfile


If you find bugs, please report them to the email list. See the website <> for details.


Patrick Koppen wrote burp_ca. The main author of Burp is Graham Keeling.
See the LICENCE file included with the source distribution.
February 10, 2012 burp_ca(8)
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