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Decrypt caesar ciphers.

November 16, 1993
CAESAR(6) BSD Games Manual CAESAR(6)


caesar, rot13 — decrypt caesar ciphers


caesar [rotation]


The caesar utility attempts to decrypt caesar ciphers using English letter frequency statis‐ tics. caesar reads from the standard input and writes to the standard output. The optional numerical argument rotation may be used to specify a specific rotation value. The frequency (from most common to least) of English letters is as follows: ETAONRISHDLFCMUGPYWBVKXJQZ Their frequencies as a percentage are as follows: E(13), T(10.5), A(8.1), O(7.9), N(7.1), R(6.8), I(6.3), S(6.1), H(5.2), D(3.8), L(3.4), F(2.9), C(2.7), M(2.5), U(2.4), G(2), P(1.9), Y(1.9), W(1.5), B(1.4), V(.9), K(.4), X(.15), J(.13), Q(.11), Z(.07). Rotated postings to USENET and some of the databases used by the fortune(6) program are rotated by 13 characters.
BSD November 16, 1993 BSD
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