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Autorun Software in Caja.

29 January 2014
CAJA-AUTORUN-SOFTWARE(1)                  General Manual                 CAJA-AUTORUN-SOFTWARE(1)

NAME caja-autorun-software - Autorun Software in Caja
DESCRIPTION This executable is provided as a part of the Caja package for the MATE Desktop Environā€ ment.
BUGS Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at:
LICENSE GPL v2 or later
SEE ALSO Caja documentation can be found from the "Help" menu, or by pressing the F1 key. Further information may also be available at: caja(1), caja-connect-server(1), caja-file-management-properties(1)
MATE Desktop Environment 29 January 2014 CAJA-AUTORUN-SOFTWARE(1)
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