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Manage the consul agent.

Dec 18, 2016


cdist-type__consul_agent - Manage the consul agent


Configure and manage the consul agent.




acl-datacenter only used by servers. This designates the datacenter which is authoritative for ACL information. acl-default-policy either "allow" or "deny"; defaults to "allow". The default policy controls the behavior of a token when there is no matching rule. acl-down-policy either "allow", "deny" or "extend-cache"; "extend-cache" is the default. acl-master-token only used for servers in the acl_datacenter. This token will be created with man‐ agement-level permissions if it does not exist. It allows operators to bootstrap the ACL system with a token ID that is well-known. acl-token when provided, the agent will use this token when making requests to the Consul servers. acl-ttl used to control Time-To-Live caching of ACLs. bind-addr sets the bind address for cluster communication bootstrap-expect sets server to expect bootstrap mode ca-file-source path to a PEM encoded certificate authority file which will be uploaded and config‐ ure using the ca_file config option. cert-file-source path to a PEM encoded certificate file which will be uploaded and configure using the cert_file config option. client-addr sets the address to bind for client access datacenter datacenter of the agent encrypt provides the gossip encryption key group the primary group for the agent json-config path to a partial json config file without leading { and trailing }. If json-con‐ fig is '-' (dash), take what was written to stdin as the file content. key-file-source path to a PEM encoded private key file which will be uploaded and configure using the key_file config option. node-name name of this node. Must be unique in the cluster retry-join address to attempt joining every retry_interval until at least one join works. Can be specified multiple times. user the user to run the agent as state if the agent is 'present' or 'absent'. Defaults to 'present'. Currently state=absent is not working due to some dependency issues.


disable-remote-exec disables support for remote execution. When set to true, the agent will ignore any incoming remote exec requests. disable-update-check disables automatic checking for security bulletins and new version releases leave-on-terminate gracefully leave cluster on SIGTERM rejoin-after-leave rejoin the cluster using the previous state after leaving server used to control if an agent is in server or client mode enable-syslog enables logging to syslog verify-incoming enforce the use of TLS and verify a client's authenticity on incoming connections verify-outgoing enforce the use of TLS and verify the peers authenticity on outgoing connections


# configure as server, bootstrap and rejoin hostname="$(cat "$__global/explorer/hostname")" __consul_agent \ --datacenter dc1 \ --node-name "${hostname%%.*}" \ --disable-update-check \ --server \ --rejoin-after-leave \ --bootstrap-expect 3 \ --retry-join consul-01 \ --retry-join consul-02 \ --retry-join consul-03 # configure as server, bootstrap and rejoin with ssl support hostname="$(cat "$__global/explorer/hostname")" __consul_agent \ --datacenter dc1 \ --node-name "${hostname%%.*}" \ --disable-update-check \ --server \ --rejoin-after-leave \ --bootstrap-expect 3 \ --retry-join consul-01 \ --retry-join consul-02 \ --retry-join consul-03 \ --ca-file-source /path/to/ca.pem \ --cert-file-source /path/to/cert.pem \ --key-file-source /path/to/key.pem \ --verify-incoming \ --verify-outgoing # configure as client and try joining existing cluster __consul_agent \ --datacenter dc1 \ --node-name "${hostname%%.*}" \ --disable-update-check \ --retry-join consul-01 \ --retry-join consul-02 \ --retry-join consul-03


consul documentation at: <>.


Steven Armstrong <>


Copyright (C) 2015 Steven Armstrong. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
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