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Installs and manages cron jobs.

CDIST-TYPE__CRON(7)                                                           CDIST-TYPE__CRON(7)

NAME cdist-type__cron - installs and manages cron jobs
DESCRIPTION This cdist type allows you to manage entries in a users crontab.
REQUIRED PARAMETERS user The user who’s crontab is edited command The command to run.
OPTIONAL PARAMETERS state Either present or absent. Defaults to present. minute See crontab(5). Defaults to * hour See crontab(5). Defaults to * day_of_month See crontab(5). Defaults to * month See crontab(5). Defaults to * day_of_week See crontab(5). Defaults to * raw Take whatever the user has given instead of time and date fields. If given, all other time and date fields are ignored. Can for example be used to specify cron EXTENSIONS like reboot, yearly etc. See crontab(5) for the extensions if any that your cron implementation implements. raw_command Take whatever the user has given in the command and ignore everything else. If given, the command will be added to crontab. Can for example be used to define variables like SHELL or MAILTO.
EXAMPLES # run Monday to Saturday at 23:15 __cron some-id --user root --command "/path/to/script" \ --hour 23 --minute 15 --day_of_week 1-6 # run on reboot __cron some-id --user root --command "/path/to/script" \ --raw @reboot # remove cronjob __cron some-id --user root --command "/path/to/script" --state absent # define default shell __cron some-id --user root --raw_command --command "SHELL=/bin/bash" \ --state present
SEE ALSO · cdist-type(7) · crontab(5)
COPYING Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Steven Armstrong. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).
AUTHOR Steven Armstrong <> Author.
04/07/2016 CDIST-TYPE__CRON(7)
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