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Manage users.

CDIST-TYPE__USER(7)                                                           CDIST-TYPE__USER(7)

NAME cdist-type__user - Manage users
DESCRIPTION This cdist type allows you to create or modify users on the target.
OPTIONAL PARAMETERS state absent or present, defaults to present comment see usermod(8) home see above gid see above password see above shell see above uid see above
BOOLEAN PARAMETERS system see useradd(8), apply only on user create create-home see useradd(8), apply only on user create remove-home see userdel(8), apply only on user delete
MESSAGES mod User is modified add New user added
EXAMPLES # Create user account for foobar with operating system default settings __user foobar # Same but with a different shell __user foobar --shell /bin/zsh # Same but for a system account __user foobar --system # Set explicit uid and home __user foobar --uid 1001 --shell /bin/zsh --home /home/foobar # Drop user if exists __user foobar --state absent
SEE ALSO · cdist-type(7) · usermod(8) or pw(8)
COPYING Copyright (C) 2011 Steven Armstrong. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).
AUTHOR Steven Armstrong <> Author.
04/07/2016 CDIST-TYPE__USER(7)
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refer to cdist-type(7) | useradd(8) | userdel(8) | usermod(8)