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Dump the contents of a database in XML format.

CFETOOLDUMP(8) User Contributed Perl Documentation CFETOOLDUMP(8)


cfetooldump - dump the contents of a database in XML format


cfetool dump name [--path⎪-p directory name] [--file⎪-f filename] [--daily⎪-d] [--weekly⎪-w] [--yearly⎪-y] [--verbose⎪-v] [--help⎪-h]


Prints the contents of the specified database in XML format, with comments for human read‐ ability. This format can be read by cfetool import. The -d, -w, and -y options specify which databases to include in the dump, and may be com‐ bined. If they are all omitted, the default is to only dump the weekly database.


--path⎪-p directory name Names the directory in which the database specified by name can be found. --file⎪-f filename Names a file to print the XML to. If this option is omitted, the XML will be printed to the standard output stream. --daily⎪-d Include the daily pattern database in the dump. --weekly⎪-w Include the weekly pattern database in the dump. --yearly⎪-y Include the yearly pattern database in the dump. --verbose⎪-v Print details of the command's execution to the standard output stream. When using this argument, it is recommended that you also provide the -f argument, to avoid shar‐ ing the standard output stream. --help⎪-h Print a short help message and then exit.


% cfetool dump temperature --path /my/path -f temperature.xml Prints the following to the file temperature.xml: <!-- cfetool Database Dump --> <dump> <name> temperature </name> <age> 1 </age> <!-- steps (0.001 weeks) --> <step> 10 </step> <!-- minutes --> <!-- consecutive updates --> <iterations> 1 </iterations> <!-- last update at Tue Aug 31 10:32:05 2004 --> <timestamp> 1093973525 </timestamp> <!-- current weighted average --> <expect> 7.105000 </expect> <!-- current variance --> <var> 38.280217 </var> <!-- data entries --> <entry> <timekey> Tue:Hr10:Min30_40 </timekey> <expect> 10.150000 </expect> <var> 13.245750 </var> </entry> </dump>


The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a department of Stanford University. This documentation was written by Elizabeth Cassell <> and Alf Wachsmann <>
Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <> and Elizabeth Cassell <> All rights reserved.
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