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Manipulate public/private keys.

October 2002
CKEYGEN(1)                                                                             CKEYGEN(1)

NAME ckeygen - manipulate public/private keys
SYNOPSIS ckeygen [-b bits] [-f filename] [-t type] [-C comment] [-N new passphrase] [-P old passphrase] [-l] [-p] [-q] [-y]
DESCRIPTION The --help prints out a usage message to standard output. -b, --bits <bits> Number of bits in the key to create (default: 1024) -f, --filename <file name> Filename of the key file. -t, --type <type> Type of key (rsa or dsa). -C, --comment <comment> Provide a new comment. -N, --newpass <pass phrase> Provide new passphrase. -P, --pass <pass phrase> Provide old passphrase. -l, --fingerprint Show fingerprint of key file. -p, --changepass Change passphrase of private key file. -q, --quiet Be quiet. --no-passphrase Create the key with no passphrase. -y, --showpub Read private key file and print public key. --version Display version number only.
DESCRIPTION Manipulate public/private keys in various ways. If no filename is given, a file name will be requested interactively.
AUTHOR Written by Moshe Zadka, based on ckeygen's help messages
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SEE ALSO ssh(1), conch(1)
October 2002 CKEYGEN(1)
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