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Configuration file for clush.

CLUSH.CONF(5)                        ClusterShell User Manual                       CLUSH.CONF(5)

NAME clush.conf - Configuration file for clush
DESCRIPTION clush(1) obtains configuration options from the following sources in the following order: 1. command-line options 2. user configuration file ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/clustershell/clush.conf) 3. local pip user installation ($HOME/.local/etc/clustershell/clush.conf) 4. system-wide configuration file (/etc/clustershell/clush.conf) For each parameter, the first obtained value will be used. The configuration file has a format in the style of RFC 822 composed of one main section: Main Program options definition [Main] Configuration parameters of the Main section are described below. fanout Size of the sliding window of ssh connectors. connect_timeout Timeout in seconds to allow a connection to establish. This parameter is passed to ssh. If set to 0, no timeout occurs. command_timeout Timeout in seconds to allow a command to complete since the connection has been established. This parameter is passed to ssh. In addition, the ClusterShell library ensures that any commands complete in less than ( connect_timeout + com‐ mand_timeout ). If set to 0, no timeout occurs. color Whether to use ANSI colors to surround node or nodeset prefix/header with escape sequences to display them in color on the terminal. Valid arguments are never, always or auto (which use color if standard output/error refer to a terminal). Col‐ ors are set to [34m (blue foreground text) for stdout and [31m (red foreground text) for stderr, and cannot be modified. fd_max Maximum number of open file descriptors permitted per clush process (soft resource limit for open files). This limit can never exceed the system (hard) limit. The fd_max (soft) and system (hard) limits should be high enough to run clush, although their values depend on your fanout value. history_size Set the maximum number of history entries saved in the GNU readline history list. Negative values imply unlimited history file size. node_count Should clush display additional (node count) information in buffer header? (yes/no) verbosity Set the verbosity level: 0 (quiet), 1 (default), 2 (verbose) or more (debug). ssh_user Set the ssh user to use for remote connection (default is to not specify). ssh_path Set the ssh binary path to use for remote connection (default is ssh). ssh_options Set additional options to pass to the underlying ssh command. scp_path Set the scp binary path to use for remote copy (default is scp). scp_options Set additional options to pass to the underlying scp command. If not specified, ssh_options are used instead. rsh_path Set the rsh binary path to use for remote connection (default is rsh). You could easily use mrsh or krsh by simply changing this value. rcp_path Same a rsh_path for rcp command. (Default is rcp) rsh_options Set additional options to pass to the underlying rsh/rcp command.
EXAMPLES Simple configuration file. clush.conf [Main] fanout: 128 connect_timeout: 15 command_timeout: 0 history_size: 100 color: auto fd_max: 10240 node_count: yes
FILES /etc/clustershell/clush.conf System-wide clush configuration file. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/clustershell/clush.conf User configuration file for clush. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined, $HOME/.con‐ fig/clustershell/clush.conf is used instead. $HOME/.local/etc/clustershell/clush.conf Local user configuration file for clush (default installation for pip --user) ~/.clush.conf Deprecated per-user clush configuration file.
HISTORY As of ClusterShell version 1.3, the External section has been removed from clush.conf. External commands whose outputs were used by clush (-a, -g, -X) are now handled by the library itself and defined in groups.conf(5).
SEE ALSO clush(1), nodeset(1), groups.conf(5)
AUTHOR Stephane Thiell, <>
1.7 2015-08-27 CLUSH.CONF(5)
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