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Monitoring daemon for collectd.

COLLECTDMON(1)                               collectd                              COLLECTDMON(1)

NAME collectdmon - Monitoring daemon for collectd
SYNOPSIS collectdmon [options] [-- collectd options]
DESCRIPTION collectdmon is a small "wrapper" daemon which starts and monitors the collectd daemon. If collectd terminates it will automatically be restarted, unless collectdmon was told to shut it down.
OPTIONS collectdmon supports the following options: -c <path> Specify the pathname of the collectd binary. You may either specify an absolute path or simply the name of the binary in which case the PATH variable will be searched for it. The default is "collectd". -P <pid-file> Specify the pid file. The default is "/var/run/". -h Output usage information and exit. collectd options Specify options that are passed on to collectd. If it is not already included, -f will be added to these options. See collectd(1).
SIGNALS collectdmon accepts the following signals: SIGINT, SIGTERM These signals cause collectdmon to terminate collectd, wait for its termination and then shut down. SIGHUP This signal causes collectdmon to terminate collectd, wait for its termination and then restart it.
SEE ALSO collectd(1), collectd.conf(5), <>
AUTHOR collectd has been written by Florian Forster <octo at> and many contributors (see `AUTHORS'). collectdmon has been written by Sebastian Harl <>.
5.5.1 2016-01-22 COLLECTDMON(1)
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