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Color Manager Testing Tool.

18 June,2013
COLORMGR(1)                                                                           COLORMGR(1)

NAME colormgr - Color Manager Testing Tool
SYNOPSIS colormgr [ --verbose ] [ --version ]
DESCRIPTION This manual page documents briefly the colormgr command. colormgr allows an administrator to view and change color profile to device mappings.
OPTIONS This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. --help Show summary of options.
COMMANDS This program takes commands with a variable number of arguments. create-device Create a device create-profile Create a profile delete-device Deletes a device delete-profile Deletes a profile device-add-profile Add a profile to a device that already exists device-get-default-profile Gets the default profile for a device device-get-profile-for-qualifier Returns all the profiles that match a qualifier device-inhibit Inhibits colour profiles for this device device-make-profile-default Makes a profile default for a device device-set-enabled Enables or disables the device device-set-kind Sets the device kind device-set-model Sets the device model device-set-serial Sets the device serial device-set-vendor Sets the device vendor find-device Find a device from the device ID find-device-by-property Find a device with a given property value find-profile Find a profile from the profile ID find-profile-by-filename Find a profile by filename get-devices Gets all the color managed devices get-devices-by-kind Gets all the color managed devices of a specific kind get-profiles Gets all the available color profiles get-sensor-reading Gets a reading from a sensor get-sensors Gets all the available colour sensors get-standard-space Get a standard colourspace import-profile Copies an .icc file into the correct per-user directory and shows information about the imported profile. profile-set-property Sets extra properties on the profile sensor-lock Locks the colour sensor sensor-set-options Sets one or more sensor options
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Richard Hughes <>.
18 June,2013 COLORMGR(1)