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OpenGL window and compositing manager.

COMPIZ(1)                            General Commands Manual                            COMPIZ(1)

NAME compiz - OpenGL window and compositing manager
SYNOPSIS compiz [options] [plugins]
DESCRIPTION compiz is a compositing window manager using OpenGL for rendering.
OPTIONS --debug Enable debug mode. --display DISPLAY Manage the display called DISPLAY instead of the name obtained from the $DISPLAY environment variable. --help Shows a summary of options and exit. --keep-desktop-hints Retains existing desktop hints. --no-auto-add-ccp Do not automatically load the Compiz config plugin (ccp). --replace Replaces any existing window managers on the given X display. --send-startup-message Sends a message to all connected X clientd once startup is complete. --sm-disable Disables session management. --sm-client-id ID Uses the given ID as the client ID for session management. --sync Makes all X calls synchronous. --version Prints the version of the program and exits.
AUTHOR compiz was written by David Reveman <> and others.
Compiz 2015-07-17 COMPIZ(1)
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