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An opacity setter tool.

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NAME compton-trans - an opacity setter tool
SYNOPSIS compton-trans [-w WINDOW_ID] [-n WINDOW_NAME] [-c] [-s] OPACITY
DESCRIPTION compton-trans is a bash script that sets _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY attribute of a window using standard X11 command-line utilities, including xprop(1) and xwininfo(1). It is similar to transset(1) or transset-df(1).
OPTIONS -w WINDOW_ID Specify the window id of the target window. -n WINDOW_NAME Specify and try to match a window name. -c Specify the currently active window as target. Only works if EWMH _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW property exists on root window. -s Select target window with mouse cursor. This is the default if no window has been specified. -o OPACITY Specify the new opacity value for the window. This value can be anywhere from 1-100. If it is prefixed with a plus or minus (+/-), this will increment or decrement from the target window’s current opacity instead.
EXAMPLES · Set the opacity of the window with specific window ID to 75%: compton-trans -w "$WINDOWID" 75 · Set the opacity of the window with the name "urxvt" to 75%: compton-trans -n "urxvt" 75 · Set current window to opacity of 75%: compton-trans -c 75 · Select target window and set opacity to 75%: compton-trans -s 75 · Increment opacity of current active window by 5%: compton-trans -c +5 · Decrement opacity of current active window by 5%: compton-trans -c -- -5
BUGS Please report any bugs you find to .
AUTHORS Christopher Jeffrey (
SEE ALSO compton(1), xprop(1), xwininfo(1)
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