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Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift container reconciler.

container-reconciler.conf(5) OpenStack Swift container-reconciler.conf(5)


container-reconciler.conf - configuration file for the OpenStack Swift container recon‐ ciler




This is the configuration file used by the container reconciler. The configuration file follows the python-pastedeploy syntax. The file is divided into sections, which are enclosed by square brackets. Each section will contain a certain num‐ ber of key/value parameters which are described later. Any line that begins with a '#' symbol is ignored. You can find more information about python-pastedeploy configuration format at


This is indicated by section named [DEFAULT]. Below are the parameters that are acceptable within this section. log_address Location where syslog sends the logs to. The default is /dev/log. log_custom_handlers Comma-separated list of functions to call to setup custom log handlers. log_facility Syslog log facility. The default is LOG_LOCAL0. log_level Log level used for logging. The default is INFO. log_name Label used when logging. The default is swift. log_statsd_default_sample_rate Defines the probability of sending a sample for any given event or timing measure‐ ment. The default is 1.0. log_statsd_host If not set, the StatsD feature is disabled. The default is localhost. log_statsd_metric_prefix Value will be prepended to every metric sent to the StatsD server. log_statsd_port The port value for the StatsD server. The default is 8125. log_statsd_sample_rate_factor It is not recommended to set this to a value less than 1.0, if frequency of logging is too high, tune the log_statsd_default_sample_rate instead. The default value is 1.0. log_udp_host If not set, the UDP receiver for syslog is disabled. log_udp_port Port value for UDP receiver, if enabled. The default is 514. swift_dir Swift configuration directory. The default is /etc/swift. user User to run as. The default is swift.


[container-reconciler] interval Minimum time for a pass to take. The default is 30 seconds. reclaim_age Time elapsed in seconds before an object can be reclaimed. The default is 604800 seconds. request_tries Server errors from requests will be retried by default. The default is 3.


[pipeline:main] pipeline Pipeline to use for processing operations. The default is "catch_errors proxy- logging cache proxy-server".


For details of the available options see proxy-server.conf.5. [app:proxy-server] use Entry point for paste.deploy in the server. This is normally egg:swift#proxy.


Any section that has its name prefixed by "filter:" indicates a filter section. Filters are used to specify configuration parameters for specific swift middlewares. Below are the filters available and respective acceptable parameters. For details of the available options for each filter section see proxy-server.conf.5. [filter:cache] Caching middleware that manages caching in swift. use Entry point for paste.deploy in the server. This is normally egg:swift#mem‐ cache. [filter:catch_errors] use Entry point for paste.deploy in the server. This is normally egg:swift#catch_errors. [filter:proxy-logging] use Entry point for paste.deploy in the server. This is normally egg:swift#proxy_logging.


More in depth documentation in regards to swift-container-reconciler and also about Open‐ Stack Swift as a whole can be found at‐ view_policies.html.


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