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containerd(8) System Manager's Manual containerd(8) containerd is a high performance container runtime whose daemon can be started by using this command. If none of the config, publish, or help commands are specified, the default action of the containerd command is to start the containerd daemon in the foreground. A default configuration is used if no TOML configuration is specified or located at the default file location. The containerd config command can be used to generate the default configuration for containerd. The output of that command can be used and modified as necessary as a custom configuration. () ()




containerd [--address|-a]=[value] [--config|-c]=[value] [--log-level|-l]=[value] [--root]=[value] [--state]=[value] Usage: containerd [GLOBAL OPTIONS] command [COMMAND OPTIONS] [ARGUMENTS...]


--address, -a="": address for containerd's GRPC server --config, -c="": path to the configuration file (default: /etc/containerd/config.toml) --log-level, -l="": set the logging level [trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic] --root="": containerd root directory --state="": containerd state directory


config information on the containerd config default see the output of the default config dump see the output of the final main config with imported in subconfig files publish binary to publish events to containerd --namespace="": namespace to publish to --topic="": topic of the event oci-hook provides a base for OCI runtime hooks to allow arguments to be injected.
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