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Copy files to and from archives.

CPIO(1)                              General Commands Manual                              CPIO(1)

NAME cpio - copy files to and from archives
SYNOPSIS cpio {-o|--create} [-0acvABLV] [-C bytes] [-H format] [-M message] [-O [[user@]host:]ar‐ chive] [-F [[user@]host:]archive] [--file=[[user@]host:]archive] [--format=format] [--mes‐ sage=message] [--null] [--reset-access-time] [--verbose] [--dot] [--append] [--block- size=blocks] [--dereference] [--io-size=bytes] [--quiet] [--force-local] [--rsh-com‐ mand=command] [--help] [--version] < name-list [> archive] cpio {-i|--extract} [-bcdfmnrtsuvBSV] [-C bytes] [-E file] [-H format] [-M message] [-R [user][:.][group]] [-I [[user@]host:]archive] [-F [[user@]host:]archive] [--file=[[user@]host:]archive] [--make-directories] [--nonmatching] [--preserve-modifica‐ tion-time] [--numeric-uid-gid] [--rename] [-t|--list] [--swap-bytes] [--swap] [--dot] [--unconditional] [--verbose] [--block-size=blocks] [--swap-halfwords] [--io-size=bytes] [--pattern-file=file] [--format=format] [--owner=[user][:.][group]] [--no-preserve-owner] [--message=message] [--force-local] [--no-absolute-filenames] [--sparse] [--only-ver‐ ify-crc] [--to-stdout] [--quiet] [--rsh-command=command] [--extract-over-symlinks] [--help] [--version] [pattern...] [< archive] cpio {-p|--pass-through} [-0adlmuvLV] [-R [user][:.][group]] [--null] [--reset-access- time] [--make-directories] [--link] [--quiet] [--preserve-modification-time] [--uncondi‐ tional] [--verbose] [--dot] [--dereference] [--owner=[user][:.][group]] [--no-preserve- owner] [--sparse] [--help] [--version] destination-directory < name-list
REPORTING BUGS Report cpio bugs to GNU cpio home page: <> General help using GNU software: <> Report cpio translation bugs to <>
SEE ALSO cpio(5) The online copy of the documentation is available at the following address:
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