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Run control for crafty(6).

December 23, 2003
craftyrc(5) craftyrc(5)


crafty.rc, .craftyrc - run control for crafty(6)


A Crafty run control file should contain a sequence of valid Crafty commands, terminated by the command "exit" to restore standard input to the keyboard. This manual page gives a skeletal example. Even the few commands used are not fully explained, and should be looked up in "crafty.doc". As for where the run control file should be, see crafty(6).


# $HOME/.craftyrc (comments like this are fine). ! echo "Reading $HOME/.craftyrc ..." # Crafty's shell escape "!" lets us at system commands. # Echoed information will be in "log.001". # PROCESSOR USAGE: mt=0 # The "mt" command indicates how many processors to use. # With zero, multiprocessor support is disabled. # If Crafty has been compiled without SMP support, # a harmless error message results. # MEMORY USAGE: hash=24M # Memory allowed for transposition hash table. hashp=3M # Memory for pawn structure hash table. # These commands are well explained in "crafty.doc". # Hopefully, someone will step in and rewrite this # example to properly use the more intricate "adaptive". # ENDGAME TABLEBASES: egtb ! # Enable tablebases. # The "!" has Crafty pat us on the head if we happen to # play a good move in the late endgame. cache=1M # Define memory usage for caching tablebase probe info. # OUTPUT TUNING: show book # Make Crafty verbose in the opening. # FINALLY, RESTORE CRAFTY'S INPUT TO THE KEYBOARD: exit # End of $HOME/.craftyrc


crafty(6), /usr/share/doc/crafty


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Crafty 19.8 December 23, 2003 craftyrc(5)
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