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Configure cupsd.conf options.

cupsctl(8)                                  Apple Inc.                                 cupsctl(8)

NAME cupsctl - configure cupsd.conf options
SYNOPSIS cupsctl [ -E ] [ -U username ] [ -h server[:port] ] [ --[no-]debug-logging ] [ --[no-]remote-admin ] [ --[no-]remote-any ] [ --[no-]share-printers ] [ --[no-]user-can‐ cel-any ] [ name=value ]
DESCRIPTION cupsctl updates or queries the cupsd.conf file for a server. When no changes are requested, the current configuration values are written to the standard output in the for‐ mat "name=value", one per line.
OPTIONS The following options are recognized: -E Enables encryption on the connection to the scheduler. -U username Specifies an alternate username to use when authenticating with the scheduler. -h server[:port] Specifies the server address. --[no-]debug-logging Enables (disables) debug logging to the error_log file. --[no-]remote-admin Enables (disables) remote administration. --[no-]remote-any Enables (disables) printing from any address, e.g., the Internet. --[no-]share-printers Enables (disables) sharing of local printers with other computers. --[no-]user-cancel-any Allows (prevents) users to cancel jobs owned by others.
EXAMPLES Display the current settings: cupsctl Enable debug logging: cupsctl --debug-logging Get the current debug logging state: cupsctl | grep '^_debug_logging' | awk -F= '{print $2}' Disable printer sharing: cupsctl --no-share-printers
KNOWN ISSUES You cannot set the Listen or Port directives using cupsctl.
SEE ALSO cupsd.conf(5), cupsd(8), CUPS Online Help (http://localhost:631/help)
11 June 2014 CUPS cupsctl(8)
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