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Overview of things Cupt and APT differ in.

CUPT_VS_APT(5)                 User Contributed Perl Documentation                 CUPT_VS_APT(5)

NAME cupt_vs_apt - overview of things Cupt and APT differ in
FEATURE SETS See "Disadvantages and advantages" in cupt_tutorial.
DIFFERENT BEHAVIOR Configuration · 'apt::cache::allversions' defaults to 0, not 1 as in apt-cache · 'gpgv::trustedkeyring' defaults to '/var/lib/cupt/trusted.gpg' · to prioritize compression types, use option 'cupt::update::compression-types', not 'acquire::compression-types' · to select repository indexes localizations, use option 'cupt::languages::indexes', not 'acquire::languages' Pinning · the difference between 'specific' and 'general' pin types is not supported · an additional pin priority penalty is applied by default to NotAutomatic releases (see 'cupt::cache::pin::addendums::not-automatic' option)
perl v5.22.1 2016-04-16 CUPT_VS_APT(5)
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