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The SELinux customizable types configuration file.

customizable_types(5)                 SELinux configuration                 customizable_types(5)

NAME customizable_types - The SELinux customizable types configuration file
DESCRIPTION The customizable_types file contains a list of types that can be customised in some way by SELinux-aware applications. Generally this is a file context type that is usually set on files that need to be shared among certain domains and where the administrator wants to manually manage the type. The use of customizable types is deprecated as the preferred approach is to use seman‐ age(8) fcontext(8) ...(8). However, SELinux-aware applications such as setfiles(8) will use this information to obtain a list of types relating to files that should not be rela‐ beled. selinux_customizable_types_path(3) will return the active policy path to this file. The default customizable types file is: /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/contexts/customizable_types Where {SELINUXTYPE} is the entry from the selinux configuration file config (see selinux_config(5)). is_context_customizable(3) reads this file to determine if a context is customisable or not for the active policy.
FILE FORMAT Each line in the file consists of the following: type Where: type The type defined in the policy that can be customised.
EXAMPLE # ./contexts/customizable_types mount_loopback_t public_content_rw_t public_content_t swapfile_t sysadm_untrusted_content_t
SEE ALSO selinux(8), selinux_customizable_types_path(3), is_context_customizable(3), semanage(8), setfiles(8), selinux_config(5)
Security Enhanced Linux 28-Nov-2011 customizable_types(5)
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