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Tables for driving cyclades-serial-client.

cyclades-devices(5) cyclades-devices(5)


cyclades-devices - tables for driving cyclades-serial-client


The cyclades-devices file supplies all mapping between Unix device files (/dev/*) and the addresses of serial ports of Cyclades Terminal Servers. It contains one entry for each serial port, with the following format: device:rastype:rasname:physport:type:options Note: A # character at beginning of line indicates a comment The entry fields are: devname - A full pathname of the file that will be associated to the serial port. It must start with a "/dev/" preffix. Two naming schemes may be used here: - devname does not exist, and will be linked to a free pseudo-tty. This is the default behavior of cyclades-ser-cli. - devname is the name of a valid slave pseudo-tty. In this case, the '-t 1' option must be assigned in options field. (Note: this option is not supported by this release). rastype - Terminal Server type: - prts, for Cyclades Pr302X/TS Terminal Servers. - path, for Cyclades PathRAS Terminal Server. rasname - Host Name or IP Address of the Terminal Server where the serial port resides. physport - Number of physical port in the Terminal Server. If treated as the IP address associated with this port, in a IP-based addressing scheme. type - Server type that will be contacted to handle the serial port: - rtelnet, for Remote Telnet Server - socket, for Socket Server options - Per-port specific options, passed to cyclades-ser-cli program.


1. Device on a PR3020/TS Terminal Server pr3k Port 1, accessed through /dev/ctty01 device file name, using telnet protocol (remote telnet server) /dev/ctty01:prts:pr3k:1:rtelnet: 2. The same device, but with an IP address pr3k_port1 associated to the serial port (IP-based port addressing) /dev/ctty01:prts:pr3k_port1:0:rtelnet: 3. Device on a PathRAS Terminal Server pr3k Port 2, accessed through /dev/ctty02 device file name, using socket protocol (socket server) /dev/ctty02:path:pr3k:2:socket:


/etc/cyclades-devices This file


cyclades-serial-client(1), cyclades-ser-cli(1)
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