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General cyrus inspection tool.

Project Cyrus
CYR_INFO(8) System Manager's Manual CYR_INFO(8)


cyr_info - general cyrus inspection tool


cyr_info [ -C alt imapd.conf ] [ -M alt cyrus.conf ] command


Cyr_info is a tool for getting information from Cyrus. The intent is to extend this tool with useful commands to make managing and configuring Cyrus easier. Cyr_info reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C.


-C file Read configuration options from file (imapd.conf format). -M file Read service specifications from file (cyrus.conf format). -n name Read the configuration as if for the service named name.


allconf print ALL configuration options - including default options conf print only the configuration options which are not the same as default (regardless of whether you have specified them or not) lint print only configuration options which are NOT recognised. This command should not print anything. It uses cyrus.conf to find the names of configured services to avoid displaying any known configuration options for the named service. proc print all currently connected processes in the proc directory


/etc/imapd.conf /etc/cyrus.conf
CMU Project Cyrus CYR_INFO(8)
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