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Old-school first person shooter.

April 22, 2010
CYTADELA(6)                                Games Manual                               CYTADELA(6)

NAME cytadela - old-school first person shooter
SYNOPSIS cytadela
DESCRIPTION The game is a FPS where you control a soldier on a remote and hostile planet. The goal of the game is to find six bomb parts with which the Citadel has to be blown up.
OPTIONS No options.
BASIC CONTROLS Arrow keys / numeric pad / WASD: go forwards/backwards/turn left/turn right Left-click: go forwards Shift / Enter / right-click: use weapon Space: open or activate Escape: quit game F1-F10: select weapon or key We suggest using mouse + numpad, and avoid pressing 'Escape' by mistake :) See the documentation for other controls.
SEE ALSO The program is documented fully at /usr/share/doc/cytadela-data/Doc_en.html
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Sylvain Beucler <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).
April 22, 2010 CYTADELA(6)