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Port of the 1996 classic game "Descent 2: Counterstrike".

January 2013


d2x-rebirth - port of the 1996 classic game "Descent 2: Counterstrike"


DXX-Rebirth is a Source Port of the Descent & Descent ][ Engines and provides classical Gameplay combined with OpenGL graphics and effects, a bunch of improvements and new fea‐ tures.


System Options: -nonicefps Don't free CPU-cycles -maxfps <n> Set maximum framerate to <n> (default: 200, available: 1-200) -hogdir <s> set shared data directory to <s> -nohogdir don't try to use shared data directory -use_players_dir put player files and saved games in Players subdirectory -lowmem Lowers animation detail for better performance with low memory -pilot <s> Select pilot <s> automatically -autodemo Start in demo mode -window Run the game in a window -noborders Do not show borders in window mode -nomovies Don't play movies Controls: -nomouse Deactivate mouse -nojoystick Deactivate joystick -nostickykeys Make CapsLock and NumLock non-sticky Sound: -nosound Disables sound output -nomusic Disables music output -sound11k Use 11KHz sounds -nosdlmixer Disable Sound output via SDL_mixer Graphics: -lowresfont Force to use LowRes fonts -lowresgraphics Force to use LowRes graphics -lowresmovies Play low resolution movies if available (for slow machines) -gl_fixedfont Do not scale fonts to current resolution Multiplayer: -udp_hostaddr <s> Use IP address/Hostname <s> for manual game joining (default: localhost) -udp_hostport <n> Use UDP port <n> for manual game joining (default: 42424) -udp_myport <n> Set my own UDP port to <n> (default: 42424) -tracker_hostaddr <n> Address of Tracker server to register/query games to/from (default: -tracker_hostport <n> Port of Tracker server to register/query games to/from (default: 42420) Debug (use only if you know what you're doing): -debug Enable debugging output. -verbose Enable verbose output. -safelog Write gamelog.txt unbuffered. Use to keep helpful output to trace program crashes. -norun Bail out after initialization -renderstats Enable renderstats info by default -text <s> Specify alternate .tex file -tmap <s> Select texmapper <s> to use (default: c, available: c, fp, quad, i386) -showmeminfo Show memory statistics -nodoublebuffer Disable Doublebuffering -bigpig Use uncompressed RLE bitmaps -16bpp Use 16Bpp instead of 32Bpp -gl_oldtexmerge Use old texmerge, uses more ram, but might be faster -gl_intensity4_ok <n> Override DbgGlIntensity4Ok (default: 1) -gl_luminance4_alpha4_ok <n> Override DbgGlLuminance4Alpha4Ok (default: 1) -gl_rgba2_ok <n> Override DbgGlRGBA2Ok (default: 1) -gl_readpixels_ok <n> Override DbgGlReadPixelsOk (default: 1) -gl_gettexlevelparam_ok <n> Override DbgGlGetTexLevelParamOk (default: 1) Help: -help, -h, -?, ? View this help screen
d2x-rebirth January 2013 D2X-REBIRTH(6)
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