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Print the date on a host.

date@(1)                             General Commands Manual                             date@(1)

NAME date@ - print the date on a host
SYNTAX date@ [ host ]
DESCRIPTION date@ connects to TCP port 13 (Daytime) on host and prints any data it receives. It removes CR and converts unprintable characters to a visible format. If host is not supplied, date@ connects to the local host. Some computers respond to port 13 with a human-readable date. For example, they may be running tcpserver 0 13 date &
SEE ALSO cat(1), delcr(1), tcpclient(1), tcpserver(1)
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date@(1) referred by fixcrio(1) | rblsmtpd(1) | tcpcat(1) | tcpclient(1)
refer to cat(1) | delcr(1) | tcpclient(1) | tcpserver(1)