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SCUMM script disassembler.

January 8, 2018
descumm(6) Games Manual descumm(6)


descumm - SCUMM script disassembler


descumm -0|-1|-2|-3|-n|-z|-4|-5|-6|-7|-8|-g<NNN> [-u] [-o] [-i] [-e] [-f] [-w] [-b] [-c] [-x] [-h] <script>


descumm disassembles SCUMM scripts. The first argument determines the version: -0 selects version 0 (Commodore 64) -1|-2|-3 selects version 1, 2, or 3 respectively, with no header -n selects version 3, with Indy 3-specific hacks -z selects version 3, with Zak-specific hacks -4|-5|-6|-7|-8 selects version 4 through 8 respectively -g<NNN> selects Humongous Entertainment version NNN (always with three digits)


-u the script is unblocked (has no headers); this is set by default for versions 0 through 3 -o always show offsets -i don't output ifs -e don't output else -f don't output else-if -w don't output while -b don't output breaks -c don't show opcodes -x don't show offsets -h halt on error


This manual page was adapted from the program usage information by Stephen Kitt <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was last modified for scummvm-tools version 2.0.
scummvm-tools January 8, 2018 descumm(6)
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