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Manipulate the sysctl oid tree for driver specific sysctl nodes.

June 18, 2011
DEVICE_GET_SYSCTL(9)              BSD Kernel Developer's Manual              DEVICE_GET_SYSCTL(9)

NAME device_get_sysctl_ctx, device_get_sysctl_tree — manipulate the sysctl oid tree for driver specific sysctl nodes
SYNOPSIS #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/bus.h> struct sysctl_ctx_list * device_get_sysctl_ctx(device_t dev); struct sysctl_oid * device_get_sysctl_tree(device_t dev);
DESCRIPTION The newbus system automatically adds a sysctl node for each device in the system. This node can be accessed with the device_get_sysctl_tree() function. The context for the node can be obtained with the device_get_sysctl_ctx() function.
SEE ALSO device(9)
AUTHORS This manual page was written by Warner Losh.
BSD June 18, 2011 BSD
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