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Access bus private variables.

June 16, 1998
DEVICE_GET_IVARS(9)               BSD Kernel Developer's Manual               DEVICE_GET_IVARS(9)

NAME device_get_ivars, device_set_ivars — access bus private variables
SYNOPSIS #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/bus.h> void * device_get_ivars(device_t dev); void device_set_ivars(device_t dev, void *ivar);
DESCRIPTION The device_get_ivars() function returns the bus-specific instance variables of a device. The device_set_ivars() function sets the bus-specific instance variables of a device. Typically, only bus drivers will use these functions. The kernel assumes that the bus driver will manage this memory, and no automatic memory allocation or deallocation happens. Client drivers should access ivars through the BUS_READ_IVAR(9) interface instead.
SEE ALSO device(9)
AUTHORS This manual page was written by Doug Rabson.
BSD June 16, 1998 BSD
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