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Kernel module loading using discover(1).

discover-modprobe(8) System Manager's Manual discover-modprobe(8)


discover-modprobe — kernel module loading using discover(1)


discover-modprobe [-n] [-v] Description discover-modprobe loads kernel modules identified by discover. It will typically be invoked automatically at boot time. Options -n Echo the modprobe invocations instead of running them. -v Be verbose. Files /etc/discover-modprobe.conf This configuration file defines the types of modules to load by default, and specific modules not to load. /var/lib/discover/crash A crash file written and erased each time discover-modprobe attempts to load a module. If the file lingers, the computer is assumed to have crashed while load‐ ing that module, and the module name is added to discover-modprobe.conf as a module to skip in the future. See Also discover-modprobe.conf(5), modprobe(8), discover(1)
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discover-modprobe(8) referred by discover(1) | discover-modprobe.conf(5)
refer to discover(1) | discover-modprobe.conf(5) | modprobe(8)
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