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Configuration file format for discover(1).

discover.conf(5) File Formats Manual discover.conf(5)


discover.conf — configuration file format for discover(1) Description Discover looks for configuration files in a configuration directory, containing a number of files. These define the system buses that should be scanned by default, those that should never be scanned, and the URLs for hardware data files beyond the local copy pro‐ vided with the software. The file format is XML; the DTD is provided with the Discover software, and can be used for informational or validation purposes. Examples Establishing default buses to scan <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE conffile SYSTEM "conffile.dtd"> <conffile> <busscan scan="default"> <bus name="ata"/> <bus name="pci"/> <bus name="pcmcia"/> <bus name="scsi"/> <bus name="usb"/> </busscan> </conffile> A more complex example <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE conffile SYSTEM "conffile.dtd"> <conffile> <busscan scan="default"> <bus name="ata"/> <bus name="pci"/> <bus name="pcmcia"/> <bus name="usb"/> </busscan> <!-- My ancient SCSI card locks up when probed --> <busscan scan="never"> <bus name="scsi"/> </busscan> <data-sources> <data-source url="" label="Updated XFree86 hardware information"> </data-sources> </conffile> Authors Josh Bressers, John R. Daily, and G. Branden Robinson developed the current implementation of Discover for Progeny Linux Systems. The Linux implementation of the system-dependent interfaces is derived from detect, by MandrakeSoft SA. See Also discover(1)
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