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Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift dispersion tools.

dispersion.conf(5) OpenStack Swift dispersion.conf(5)


dispersion.conf - configuration file for the OpenStack Swift dispersion tools




This is the configuration file used by the dispersion populate and report tools. The file format consists of the '[dispersion]' module as the header and available parameters. Any line that begins with a '#' symbol is ignored.


auth_version Authentication system API version. The default is 1.0. auth_url Authentication system URL auth_user Authentication system account/user name auth_key Authentication system account/user password project_name Project name in case of keystone auth version 3 project_domain_name Project domain name in case of keystone auth version 3 user_domain_name User domain name in case of keystone auth version 3 endpoint_type The default is 'publicURL'. keystone_api_insecure The default is false. swift_dir Location of OpenStack Swift configuration and ring files dispersion_coverage Percentage of partition coverage to use. The default is 1.0. retries Maximum number of attempts. The defaul is 5. concurrency Concurrency to use. The default is 25. container_populate The default is true. object_populate The default is true. dump_json Whether to output in json format. The default is no. container_report Whether to run the container report. The default is yes. object_report Whether to run the object report. The default is yes.


[dispersion] auth_url = auth_user = dpstats:dpstats auth_key = dpstats swift_dir = /etc/swift # keystone_api_insecure = no # project_name = dpstats # project_domain_name = default # user_domain_name = default # dispersion_coverage = 1.0 # retries = 5 # concurrency = 25 # dump_json = no # container_report = yes # object_report = yes


More in depth documentation about the swift-dispersion utilities and also OpenStack Swift as a whole can be found at‐ persion-report and


swift-dispersion-report(1), swift-dispersion-populate(1)
Linux 8/26/2011 dispersion.conf(5)
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