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Configuration file for obdgpslogger.

dot-obdgpslogger(5)                    File Formats Manual                    dot-obdgpslogger(5)

NAME dot-obdgpslogger - configuration file for obdgpslogger
DESCRIPTION Configuration file for obdgpslogger Comments Any line whose first non-whitespace character is a # is a comment obddevice=<string> Full path to obd device entry [typically /dev/something] gpsdevice=<string> Full path to gps device entry [typically /dev/something] log_columns=<string> Command-separated list of db_column entries to log. These are proba‐ bly things you want to draw from "obdgpslogger -p" log_file=<string> Write to this logfile. Can be relative or absolute path samplerate=<integer> Number of samples to take per second. 0 for "as fast as you can" baudrate=<integer> Set serial port baudrate to this. -1 disables attempt to change, or 0 to let the software try to guess. baudrate_upgrade=<integer> Upgrade the baudrate to this after successful setup. -1 dis‐ ables attempt to change, or 0 to let the software try to figure out the best choice. optimisations=<integer> Set to 1 to enable ELM optimisations
FILES TO PARSE The system loads these files, in order. Each one overwrites any settings from the file before it: 1) /etc/obdgpslogger 2) $HOME/.obdgpslogger 3) /var/run/obdftdipty.device 4) getenv("OBD_CONFIGFILE")
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES OBD_CONFIGFILE Full path to the obd config file you wish to read HOME If set, read .obdgpslogger from this dir APPDATA If HOME isn't set, will attempt to read .obdgpslogger from here instead
SEE ALSO obdgpslogger(1), obdgui(1)
AUTHORS Gary "Chunky Ks" Briggs <>
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dot-obdgpslogger(5) referred by obdgpslogger(1)
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