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Display system downtime records made by downtimed(8).

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downtimes - display system downtime records made by downtimed(8)


downtimes [-d downtimedbfile] [-f timefmt] [-n num] [-s sleep] [-u] downtimes -v downtime [-d downtimedbfile] [-f timefmt] [-n num] [-s sleep] [-u] downtime -v


The downtimes command displays the contents of the downtime database in human readable format. The downtime database is maintained by downtimed(8). The singular form downtime displays details only about the last time the system was down, whereas the plural form downtimes displays all records in the database. The -n option can be used to specify the number of downtime records to display.


-d downtimedbfile Use the specified downtime database file instead of the system default. -f timefmt Specify the time and date format to use when reporting using strftime(3) syntax. The default is "%F %T". -n num Define how many latest downtime records to output. Default is all. -s sleep Calculate the approximate crash time by specifying what was the sleep value of downtimed(8). -u Display times in UTC. -v Display the program version number, copyright message and the default settings.


The program exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


downtimed(8), uptime(1),


The reporting accuracy in case of a system crash depends on how often the time stamp is updated.
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