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Configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer's shell.

2003 May 29
dsh.conf(5)                           Dancer Tools reference                          dsh.conf(5)

NAME dsh.conf - configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer's shell
DESCRIPTION /etc/dsh/dsh.conf contains default values used in the dsh program invocation. An entry in dsh.conf comes in the following format: option=value where value is "1" or "0" when it requires boolean value. 0 means NO, and 1 means YES.
FORMAT remoteshell=rsh Specify rsh as remote shell remoteshellopt=rsh-opt Specify rsh-opt as an extra option for the invoked remote shell. forklimit=fork limit Specify the number of parallel connection to create at the same time. waitshell=1 Specify 1 to to make the shell wait for each individual invocation. See -c and -w option for dsh(1) showmachinenames=1 Show machine names in front of each output. See -M option for dsh(1) verbose=1 Give verbose output.
FILES /etc/dsh/dsh.conf Configuration for dsh
AUTHOR dsh was written by Junichi Uekawa <>
SEE ALSO dsh (1)
Debian-Beowulf/Dancer 2003 May 29 dsh.conf(5)
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