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Dump IEEE 1394 isochronous channel packets.

libraw1394 2.1.2
dumpiso(1) Linux IEEE 1394 dumpiso(1)


dumpiso - dump IEEE 1394 isochronous channel packets


dumpiso [ options ] [ FILE ]


dumpiso listens on a selected range of channels and dumps all received packets into the file FILE or, if not given, to standard output. While dumping, the current number of received packets is written to standard error and updated with every packet. It uses a simple file format for the dumps which is described in isodump(5). The dumped packets can be sent out again with sendiso(1).


-c, --channels=CHANNELS Sets the channels to listen on. CHANNELS can be either a single number, in which case this is the only channel to listen on, or a range of channels in the form X-Y. Channel numbers can range from 0 to 63. You can give this option multiple times, new channels are added to the list of already set channels. Defaults to all chan‐ nels. -p, --port=PORT Choose port PORT for receiving. A port is a 1394 card or chip and represents one connected bus, therefore this is only relevant when you have multiple of these. Defaults to 0. -h, --help Show help text and exit.


None known.


sendiso(1), isodump(5)


Andreas Bombe <>
libraw1394 2.1.2 dumpiso(1)
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