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Eegdev backend for Biosemi ActiveTwo hardware.

EEGDEV-BIOSEMI(5)                     EEGDEV library manual                     EEGDEV-BIOSEMI(5)

NAME eegdev-biosemi - eegdev backend for Biosemi ActiveTwo hardware
DESCRIPTION The biosemi plugin implements the backend for the eegdev library for Biosemi Activetwo hardware. It supports both Mk1 and Mk2 models.
CONFIGURATION This plugin supports several options. The default value will be used if none of the con‐ figuration files nor the configuration string (see egd_open(3)) specify the option. numch Number of channel that should be supported by the BIOSEMI system. Accepted values are 32, 64, 128 or 256. Beware that the value can be set superior to the actual number of ADC subsystem embedded into the acquisition hardware. If it is the case, the additional channel will return always 0. The default value is "64".
FILES /etc/eegdev/eegdev.conf Shared configuration file. /etc/eegdev/biosemi.conf Configuration file loaded when the plugin is used. The settings specified here over‐ rides the settings in the shared configuration file.
SEE ALSO egd_open(3), eegdev-options(5)
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