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Device configuration format specification.

EEGDEV-OPEN-OPTIONS(5)                EEGDEV library manual                EEGDEV-OPEN-OPTIONS(5)

NAME eegdev-open-options - Device configuration format specification
DESCRIPTION Syntax of the configuration string The device configuration string should follow the syntax: device[[|option1|value1]...[|optionN|valueN]] If the specified device does not support a certain pair of option|value, this will be silently ignored by the opening function. device should be the name of a eegdev plugin or any. In the later case, it will try to open one of the devices supported by the installed plugins. Syntax of the configuration files The configuration files are made of statements (at most one per line) following this syn‐ tax (whitespace are ignored): option = value Comments are preceded by the '#' character: # comment line 1 # comment line 2 option = value #comment2
FILES /etc/eegdev/eegdev.conf Shared configuration file. /etc/eegdev/<plugin>.conf Configuration file loaded when the plugin <plugin> is used. The settings specified here overrides the settings in the shared configuration file.
EXAMPLES Configuration string examples Device sourcing its data from the GDF file located at "/home/user/data.gdf": datafile|path|/home/user/data.gdf Biosemi device configured to use 32 electrodes: biosemi|numch|32 gTec system consisting in a chain of 2 systems (the first 2 available) with a notch filter at 60Hz without lowpass or highpass sampling at 512Hz (default sampling rate): gtec|notch|60|lowpass|none|highpass|none|deviceid|any+any Any supported type of device but should have the serial number UB-2009.10.06 if it is a gTec system: any|deviceid|UB-2009.10.06 Configuration file example # gTec configuration examples notch = 60 # Notch value for USA lowpass =none highpass=none # Specify a coupled system by default deviceid = any+any
SEE ALSO egd_open(3)
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