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ELEKTRA-MERGE-STRATEGY(7) - Linux manual page online | Overview, conventions, and miscellany

How to merge key sets.

July 2017


elektra-merge-strategies - how to merge key sets In elektra-tools a three way merging was implemented. It can also use be used for two way merging, e.g. for importing. Note: For a two-way merge, the ours version of the keys is used in place of base 3-WAY base The base KeySet is the original version of the KeySet. ours The ours KeySet represents the user´s current version of the KeySet. This KeySet differs from base for every key you changed. theirs The theirs KeySet usually represents the default version of a KeySet (usually the package maintainer´s version). This KeySet differs from base for every key someone has changed. The three-way merge works by comparing the ours KeySet and the theirs KeySet to the base KeySet. By looking for differences in these KeySets, a new KeySet called result is created that represents a merge of these KeySets.


Currently the following strategies exist: preserve Automerge only those keys where just one side deviates from base (default). ours Whenever a conflict exists, use our version. theirs Whenever a conflict exists, use their version. cut Removes existing keys below the resultpath and replaces them with the merged key‐ set. import Preserves existing keys in the resultpath if they do not exist in the merged key‐ set. If the key does exist in the merged keyset, it will be overwritten. (avoid using it)
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