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Channel groups.

epgsearchchangrps.conf(5)         Epgsearch Version 1.0.1.beta5         epgsearchchangrps.conf(5)

NAME epgsearchchangrps.conf - Channel groups
DESCRIPTION You can define channel groups in epgsearch which can be used in searchtimers. In this file the groups will be saved.
SYNTAX Each line contains one channel group. The line begins with the group name, after the name, split by '|', the list of channels.
EXAMPLE (Lines are shortened for clean displaying) Private|S19.2E-133-33-46|S19.2E-133-33-51 ProsiebenSat.1|S19.2E-133-33-46|S19.2E-133-33-47 RTL World|S19.2E-1-1089-12003||S19.2E-1-1089-12090
SEE ALSO epgsearch(1) AUTHOR (man pages) Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>
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