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EPG Commands.

epgsearchcmds.conf(5)             Epgsearch Version 1.0.1.beta5             epgsearchcmds.conf(5)

NAME epgsearchcmds.conf - EPG Commands
DESCRIPTION This file contains commands, like the file commands.conf or reccmds.conf, which can be applied to the selected event in one of the EPG menues. (It does not support the nested commands as introduced in vdr-1.7.12) Internal epgsearch has 8 not changeable commands. If there is a epgsearchcmds.conf, the commands in it will be appended to the list of the internal commands, starting with 9. Language You can use different files for each language. For example epgsearchcmds-eng.conf will be loaded if the, in VDR selected, language is english. If there is no file for the selected language, epgsearch tries to load epgsearchcmds.conf.
SYNTAX Description : Command
EXAMPLE epg2taste (de): /usr/local/vdr/
SEE ALSO epgsearch(1) AUTHOR (man pages) Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>
REPORT BUGS Bug reports (german): <> Mailing list: <>
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