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Eucalyptus command line client tools.

August 24, 2020
EUCA2OOLS(7) BSD Miscellaneous Information Manual EUCA2OOLS(7)


euca2ools — eucalyptus command line client tools


The euca2ools suite is a set of command line tools that interact with “Amazon Web Services” (AWS), Eucalyptus, and other AWS-compatible clouds using the REST- and query-based APIs for numerous web services. The URL for each web service can be set with a SERVICE-url region option, where SERVICE is the name of the service, in a euca2ools.ini(5) configuration file and then chosen with the --region command line option or the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable. Alternatively, the URL can be set at the command line or with an environment variable that is specific to the service. Environment variables take precedence over configuration file data. euca2ools are designed to make it as easy as possible to work with multiple AWS-compatible clouds from the command line using euca2ools.ini(5) configuration files, command line options, and shortcuts. List of Web Services Name Version Environment variable Commands autoscaling 2011-01-01 AWS_AUTO_SCALING_URL euscale-* bootstrap EUCA_BOOTSTRAP_URL euca-bundle-image(1), euca-bundle-and-upload-image(1) ↲ , euca-install-image(1), euimage-install-pack(1) cloudformation 2010-05-15 AWS_CLOUDFORMATION_URL euform-* ec2 2014-06-15 EC2_URL euca-* elasticloadbalancing 2012-06-01 AWS_ELB_URL eulb-* iam 2010-05-08 AWS_IAM_URL euare-* monitoring 2010-08-01 AWS_CLOUDWATCH_URL euwatch-* s3 2006-03-01 S3_URL euca-bundle-and-upload-image(1) ↲ , euca-download-and-unbundle(1), euca-download-bundle(1), euca-install-image(1), euca-upload-bundle(1), euimage-install-pack(1) sts 2011-06-15 TOKENS_URL euare-assumerole(1)


The “bootstrap” service, also known as the “Empyrean” service, is specific to eucalyptus. Commands that bundle images can optionally use it to obtain the cloud's signing certificate automatically, provided the cloud runs eucalyptus 4.2 or later.


euca2ools 3.2 August 24, 2020 euca2ools 3.2
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